Announcing the International Hotel Management Program (IHMP) of Brazil

ORS Multimídia Interativa Ltda (ORS) has established a joint venture with UNIJORGE ( to launch the International Hotel Management Program (IHMP) of Brazil at UNIJORGE in Salvador, Bahia. All classes and course materials at IHMP of Brazil are provided in English with special support available for students who have English as their second language.

IHMP of Brazil uses internationally-recognized curricula, books and course materials of the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (, Orlando, Florida, which is currently being taught in more than 60 countries around the world. Students enrolled at IHMP of Brazil receive internationally-recognized and transferable academic credits as well as the option to participate in “On-the-Job” Management Training in hotels and resorts throughout Brazil and other regions of the world.

According to Doug Adair, Director, IHMP of Brazil, “one of the great deficiencies of the hotel and tourism industry in Brazil is the lack of people in key management positions who speak more than one language. The reality is that English is the international language of the hotel and tourism industry”. Adair went on to say, “because the World Cup and the Olympics are coming in 2014 and 2016, many tourism destinations throughout Brazil need people who are multi-lingual and understand the complexities of international hotel management.”

IHMP of Brazil is designed to attract students from a small, yet significant and growing, population of people in Brazil who are: 1) fluent or are working to become fluent in English; 2) already graduates of a Faculdade or University and mature in their orientation to business and life; and 3) un-employed, under-employed, or un-happily employed (many people make a career change to hotel management because they prefer to work in a dynamic, people-oriented business).

This profile is similar to the profile of Community College students in the United States (US) where the average age of students is 30 years. Many adults in the US return to Community Colleges for professional and technical training after completing a Baccalaureate Degree in a field where employment opportunities are difficult to secure. Additionally, a significant percentage of students at Community Colleges in major US cities speak English as a second language. These students use their Community College educational experiences to both learn new skills that lead to better employment and career opportunities and to improve their English language proficiency.

IHMP of Brazil is also designed to attract international students, from countries such as the US, England, France, India, China and others, who have a desire to study in an English-language International Hotel Management in Brazil while also gaining knowledge about Brazilian business and culture.

Internationally Recognized Curriculum and Diploma

In conjunction with the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute, the IHMP of Brazil and UNIJORGE award an International Hotel Management Diploma to students who successfully compete all 12 courses in the program. All courses offered by IHMP of Brazil are accredited by the American Council on Education (ACE) and are eligible for transfer credit (3 academic credit hours per course) at colleges and universities around the world.

The International Hotel Management Diploma Program (504 total hours of classroom instruction) can be completed in as little as one year and currently includes the following courses: 1) Hospitality Today: An Introduction; 2) Food and Beverage Management; 3) Supervision in the Hospitality Industry; 4) Resort Management; 5) Hospitality Facilities Management and Design; 6) Managing Front Office Operations; 7) Managing Housekeeping Operations; 8 Managing Service in Food and Beverage Operations; 9) Training & Development for the Hospitality Industry; 10) Security & Loss Prevention Management; 11) Hospitality Sales & Marketing; and 12) Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry.

Each IHMP of Brazil course includes 42 hours of classroom instruction and provides 3 hours of internationally-recognized and transferable academic credit. IHMP of Brazil courses are delivered in either a 7-day format (6 hours per day x 7 days) or a 7-week week (6 hours per week x 7 weeks for each class with the possibility for students to take as many as 3 classes or 18 hours of instruction per week). This format allows for more intensive study of International Hotel Management in English.

IHMP of Brazil uses a blended approach of classroom learning combined with distance learning technology to deliver all of its courses. All IHMP of Brazil classroom instructors are fluent in English and have a strong orientation to hotel and restaurant operations. IHMP of Brazil classroom instructors deliver live lectures, facilitate group learning activities, provide one-on-one counseling and remediation for students, and maintain strong links / connections to local, national and international hotel and restaurant companies and other employers.

IHMP of Brazil course content is delivered online via a learning management system (LMS) which is also used to track student progress, deliver periodic quizzes, and administer the final exam under the direct supervision of a certified proctor.

Use of the LMS also makes it possible for IHMP of Brazil to expand the program throughout Brazil. Efforts are currently underway to establish agreements with educational institutions in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and other regions of Brazil to implement English-language International Hotel Management Programs in those regions in anticipation of the hotel and tourism sector’s needs—now, in 2014 and 2016, and beyond.

Specialized Training of Multipliers

IHMP of Brazil students also have the option of enrolling in special Multiplier Training and Certification Programs in English Language Skills, Food Safety and Environmental Management, and Operational Skills Training and Development for Hotels. Students who successfully complete professional certification requirements have opportunities to deliver training and development services to hotels, resorts, restaurants and other tourism services providers.

 “On-the-Job” Management Training Program

IHMP of Brazil features a customized “On-the-Job” Management Training Program which is available to hotels, resorts and other tourism services providers. Following orientation and training by IHMP of Brazil Professors and Trainers, hotels, resorts and other tourism services providers are eligible to participate in the “On-the-Job” Management Training Program. IHMP of Brazil students rotate through various departments during the first six months of the “On-the-Job” Management Training Program and then focus on an area of specialization during the second 6 months of the program.

 More about IHMP of Brazil

Doug Adair, Director, IHMP of Brazil and Director, ORS Multimídia Interativa Ltda in Salvador, Bahia, has a long professional history in the hotel, restaurant and tourism sector. ORS Interactive, Inc., Adair’s company in Falls Church, Virginia, USA, operates under a contract with local governments in Northern Virginia to provide food safety certification and licensure for Food Managers at more than 6,000 restaurants and foodservice establishments. Adair spent 10 years as the Executive Vice President of CHRIE, the International Association of Hotel Schools and Culinary Schools in Washington, DC, and has many years of experience working with hotel, restaurant and tourism associations and hotel and tourism education programs in the US and other countries around the world.

Affiliations with leading Hotel Schools in the US and other countries around the world are being established to help support the ongoing development and sustainability of IHMP of Brazil. Already, a number of US and international Hotel Schools have expressed interest in partnering on course delivery and ongoing student / faculty exchanges. Numerous professors from US and International Hotel Schools are being invited to teach courses for IHMP of Brazil.

For more information, contact the International Hotel Management Program (IHMP) of Brazil at or phone: +55 (71) 9941-9412.

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